TGH Aviation Supports Community

TGH Aviation believes that prosperity is most certainly a two-way street. Throughout our history, participation with and contribution to our local community has been at the forefront of our philosophy. We are very proud of our fair city and county, and are honored to do what we can, whenever we can, to help further the spirit of unity and community that have embraced our company for many decades.

The Auburn Interfaith Food Closet is an organization whose commitment, care and efforts continue to help feed hungry children, families and those in need in the greater Auburn area. Their contributions are all the more praiseworthy during these challenging times, and we wish to extend our deep and heartfelt gratitude for their vital services. We find our part in offering funding through donating to help support their efforts; seems the least we can do. We are humbled to find that among us stand so many heroes filling so many roles in united support of those needing assistance now, and in times to come.

TGH Aviation will continue to support the wellbeing and prosperity of our city and county, as we always have. This is made possible by you; our friends, neighbors, business associates, community, and local government. Let us all continue to unite not only in spirit, but in action as well. Each doing what they can in support of the fine place we call home.

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