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TGH Aviation is an FAA and EASA Certified Aviation Instruments Repair station providing in-depth repair and overhaul services for aircraft components. TGH specializes in primary flight instruments, navigational instrumentation, fuel quantity and fuel flow instruments, communication radios, navigational radios, engine performance monitoring instruments, Global Position Systems (GPS), auto-pilot systems, all types of gyroscopic instruments and flight surface monitoring instrumentation. TGH is authorized to repair Aircraft Instruments. We are a Repair Station and distributor for most of the major avionics and aircraft instrument manufacturers. TGH can provide these services for most aircraft types including small general aviation aircraft, corporate aircraft, commercial airliners, military aircraft and helicopters. TGH has been providing these services to the aviation community since 1957.

Military Aviation Parts and Services - TGH Aviation

U.S and Foreign Military Contracting

TGH Aviation provides services for an assortment of aircraft platforms and applications for all the major branches of U.S. military, NASA and assortment of foreign militaries

Commercial Aviation Parts and Services | TGH Aviation

Commercial Aviation Instrument Overhaul, Repair and Exchange Service

TGH services a comprehensive mix of instruments form numerous Original Equipment Manufactures (OEM). TGH offers Aviation Instrument Repair, Overhaul, Exchange, Engineering Support, and Technical Assistance

Local Avionic Installation and Certification Services

Local Avionic Installation and Certification Services

With a dedicated Fixed Base Operation (FBO) on the Auburn Municipal Airport, TGH provides the Auburn, CA region with a one-stop Avionics and Instrument Installation and Aviation Instrument Repair Station.

Aviation Instrument Repair Services - TGH Aviation

Aviation Instrument Repair Station / Overhaul Capabilities Summary