Employee Appreciation | Meet Mario Monti

Mario Monti moved to the United States from Italy in 2006 and landed in Placer County, California. As a prior jeweler and watch maker, Mario had great dexterity in working on small intricate motors and devices. He worked as an A & P Mechanic Apprentice at an on-field aircraft repair shop at the Auburn Municipal Airport in 2007. There he became affiliated with TGH Aviation and their instrument repair technicians.

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Working on aircraft as a mechanic, Mario would often bring instruments to the TGH Repair Shop for repairs and overhauls. The experience in the avionics shop gave Mario a unique view on how flight system components function. When a position opened at TGH in 2009, they were pleased to welcome him aboard.

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Mario’s expertise brought him quickly up to speed on repairing and overhauling gyros. Ten years later, Mario is one of the main technicians in the repair facility for gyros. In addition to gyros, Mario applies his expertise to repairing and overhauling air-speeds, true air-speeds, pressure altimeters and encoding altimeters.


TGH Aviation is appreciative to have great employees like Mario, who came from the other side of the world, to offer their talent to the aviation industry and keep TGH as a trusted source of flight systems support worldwide for over 60 years.