Airspeeds- Selecting a Replacement Indicator

Airspeeds – Selecting a Replacement Indicator


Typically, you can replace any airspeed indicator with another manufacturer’s indicator of the same type and range. However, there are some considerations, which should be taken into account.

Aerosonic and Kollsman indicators often have a longer case than other manufacturers, this could cause an installation problem in some aircraft.

On typical indicators the Pitot, input will be in the center of the back of the indicator, with the Static input to the right, when viewed from the rear. Occasionally you will find some older indicators where this was reversed. This may cause installation difficulties on some aircraft.

If the customer has requested a specific range and we do not have that range, you may offer a different range. However, you do not want to vary by a large amount. For example, an alternate range for 0-200 might be 0-180 or 0-240. Unacceptable alternates for 0-200 would be 0-150 or 0-300.