TGH Aviation Looks to The Future

TGH Aviation Looks to the Future
Auburn, CA , October 29, 2015


Back in 1957, a small aviation company was born, originally named The Gyro House. Fast forward almost 60 years later, The Gyro House has evolved into what is now known as TGH Aviation with almost 40 full time employees under its belt.

Aviation industries always have to keep their eyes on innovation. With that in mind, TGH Aviation is looking to the future with some exciting developments in place today, and in the future!

First, TGH has promoted long time employee Hilary Coury to manage both the Sales and Marketing Departments. Mrs. Coury has worked with TGH for over 6 years and brings a lot of experience and expertise to the position! Mrs. Coury is aggressively making strides to expand the role TGH Aviation plays in today’s aviation landscape making sure that customers, old and new, know what the growing capabilities are and that TGH Aviation is the first company you think of for avionics repair.

As Mrs. Coury has expanded her duties, she has also expanded the marketing department, hiring two new employees to help usher TGH into a new era. The new Marketing Coordinator, Christine Short, brings with her decades of experience marketing for radio stations across the country. Mrs Short has been tasked with expanding name recognition of TGH Aviation through social media, email and print. Elizabeth Tucciarone is fielding a completely new position for TGH, Online Marketing Coordinator. Ms. Tucciarone is responsible for creating a completely new, from the ground up ecommerce site that will feature all of the avionics merchandise sold through TGH Aviation. Ms. Tucciarone has almost a decade of experience creating compelling imagery for web and print.

In addition to exciting new management, TGH recently sought and received approval from Senior Aerospace/Ketema to service their entire line of fuel system components. An increasing demand forGPS enabled equipment inspired TGH to also incorporate functional testing, evaluation, and repair for Garmin’s 430/530 GPS/Nav/Comm units. Typically, a flat rate fee is required when dealing directly with the OEM for these panel-mounted units. TGH tackled the opportunity to resolve simple fixes more cost-effectively, with the purchase of innovative test equipment. Similar strategies were utilized when TGH recently established repair services for the KRA10A/KRA405B radar altimeters, and TDR90 transponders.

As TGH Aviation looks to the future, their laser sharp focus on their customers continues to be priority number 1.   As one of the most trusted and respected Part 145 Repair Stations in the industry today, TGH strives to create a great customer experience each and every time. The company offers nearly 20,000 service capabilities, including the repair of primary flight instruments, avionics, aural warning systems, fuel flow transmitters, and their related indicators and refueling sensors. For a complete list of capabilities, go to for more information.

Contact: Christine Short
Tel. 530-823-6204